Brunch with Etude

Brunch with Etude

Etude Winemaker Jon Priest is renowned for crafting wines that not only stand independently but are also greatly enhanced when harmoniously paired with food. When it comes to pairings, we take a “no rules” approach. Our wines, and especially our pinot noirs, are versatile and taste delicious with a wide variety of foods. 

To fully experience this versatility, organize a brunch with sparkling wine, a rosé, and a pinot noir. Each wine has a unique flavor profile that pairs beautifully with a variety of your favorite brunch dishes. Below are some pairing suggestions to inspire your planning process, but always remember there are no rules here. Feel free to curate a brunch collection of these three wines for your pairing menu and enjoy the discovery of your own favorite combinations.

Yamhela Pinot Noir and Salty, Fatty Eggs and Bacon

Our Yamhela Pinot Noir, hailing from Oregon's renowned Willamette Valley, is a fine example of the region's ability to produce graceful, flavorful, and elegant pinot noirs. The wine opens with a fragrant bouquet of red fruit and continues to delight with a palate of bright Bing cherry and macerated strawberry flavors.

For a brunch pairing, consider salty and fatty dishes like a hearty bacon breakfast casserole or ham hash. The richness of these dishes will beautifully complement the wine's fruity notes. If you're seeking a vegetarian option, look no further than dishes featuring mushrooms. Their earthy flavor interplays well with the wine, creating a delectable combination.

Grace Benoist Ranch Blanc de Noir and Frittata with Herbs

Often referred to as "scrubbing bubbles," sparkling wine is known for its ability to cleanse the palate, and our Grace Benoist Ranch Blanc De Noir is no exception. This vibrant and elegantly rich wine is crafted from pinot noir and chardonnay grapes from our Grace Benoist Ranch. It captivates the senses with lifted floral aromatics and juicy flavors of white peach and nectarine.

Its effervescence and acidity pair beautifully with rich, cheesy egg dishes. Consider a frittata loaded with gouda and mushrooms or a classic eggs benedict. Alternatively, a simple yet delicious option is soft-scrambled eggs with fresh herbs like chives or dill.

Carneros Rosé of Pinot Noir and Red Berry Baked Goods

Our Carneros Rosé of Pinot Noir is a versatile treat for all seasons. Its lightly sweet character and vibrant strawberry flavors make it a perfect summertime companion. Its fresh acidity and medium palate hark back to a traditional pinot noir, rounding it out perfectly.

Make the most of the rosé's red berry flavors by pairing it with a raspberry French toast or strawberry muffin. Essentially, this wine would work wonders with any baked good with a red berry flavor. If your palate leans towards less sweet options, opt for a simple bowl of fresh red berries topped with homemade whipped cream. This combination would surely create a refreshing and delightful sensory experience.

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