As a steward of the Carneros terroir, we are especially committed to biodiversity. That’s why we dedicate two-thirds of our Grace Benoist Ranch estate vineyard to preserving the wetland and woodland habitats and wildlife corridors that criss-cross our ranch. We reflect this ethos at our winery as well, where we’ve partnered with the Xerces Society to cultivate a native, water-wise habitat that supports wetland restoration, requires minimal if any irrigation, and welcomes Monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

Farming Practices

Etude employs regenerative practices of compost application, cover cropping, low- and no-till farming, and animal integration – all of which support a vibrant and healthy ecosystem with living soils and mitigate the need for chemical inputs.


We’re equally as devoted to our work to address climate change. Etude has been powered by 100% renewable electricity since 2023. Currently, Etude generates carbon-free electricity from our rooftop array that covers approximately 30% of our electricity needs, and in 2024, we will more than double our solar generation, allowing us to cover over 90% of our electricity needs on site.


Efficient water usage is a top priority. In the vineyard, we closely monitor the needs of our vines to irrigate precisely and only when necessary, and at the winery, we’ve installed water-wise landscaping and use locally recycled water in our winery to mitigate groundwater extraction.


Each year, our community garden, cultivated and tended to by employees, donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce to the Napa Valley Food Bank.

Sustainability certifications

Etude maintains sustainability certifications across 100% of our operations and actively encourages other grape growers we partner with to do the same.

We have been awarded for our leadership across the full spectrum of sustainability – environmental protection, social equity, and economic viability – with the 2023 California Green Medal Leader Award.


    A third party certification program that promises the adoption of practices that are environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically viable.

  • Fish Friendly Farming Logo


    A voluntary certification program for grape growers who implement land management practices that help restore and sustain fish habitat on new property and improve water quality.


    This program requires the adoption of measures that conserve water resources, increase energy efficiency, prevent waste, and encourage employee engagement on the path to sustainability.

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