For over 40 years, Etude has been dedicated to sustainably growing and handcrafting wine. We’re especially passionate about habitat preservation on our properties. Two-thirds of our Grace Benoist Ranch estate vineyard comprises wildlife corridors. 

In celebration of Earth Day this year, we thought we’d share a few tips we learned in planting our own butterfly garden to help you plant your own. All you need is a small patch of land in your yard or even a windowsill planter. Not only are monarch butterflies beautiful visitors, but they’re important pollinators that support overall ecosystem health. So read on to learn an easy way to beautify your outdoor space and celebrate Earth Day!

How to create a monarch butterfly garden

It’s easy to provide monarchs with everything they need by growing a combination of milkweed and wildflowers.

Where to plant: Clear and loosen a patch of soil that receives full sun but is protected from strong wind. If you have the room, choose a big enough plot to accommodate the plants this season and as they reseed and spread over the years. If you don’t have a yard, a large planter will work, too. Every flower helps! 

Water: Milkweed and wildflowers need thorough watering to get started, but less once they’ve matured. Monarchs prefer drinking from damp areas, like wet soil, rather than deeper puddles or fountains.

Warmth: Like all insects, butterflies are cold-blooded. Flat, smooth rocks give them a sunny perch to warm up and provide essential minerals in their diet as well as damp spots to drink.

Weeding and fertilizing: Butterflies are very sensitive. It’s critical to keep your garden chemical free.

We can’t wait to see your garden! Tag us @EtudeWines to share your progress.