Sustainability at the Winery

Sustainability at the Winery

Along with being winemakers, we are also stewards of the land where our wine is grown, including the plants and animals that live there and the water that passes through. We believe sustainable farming results in better, higher quality wine, and ensures the viability of our estate for generations to come. Continue reading to learn about our sustainability efforts at the winery.


Recycled water from the Carneros Pipeline Project, which brings clean, treated, recycled water from the City of Napa to local land and homeowners, is used for landscape irrigation and to fill up fire suppression ponds, reducing the reliance on local groundwater.


We closely monitor energy use and have been generating power with solar panels at the site for over a decade. The solar panels help to reduce energy costs and provide revenue through the sale of renewable energy credits, which allow Etude to help green the grid.

Less Waste

Employees also manage compost and recycling programs to divert waste away from landfills.

Sharing Our Bounty

Our employees cultivate a vegetable garden that not only provides fresh produce for them and their families, but also helps the Community Action of Napa Valley, which has received over 3,000 pounds of fresh produce from the Etude garden yearly since 2020.
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