Mustard Season at Etude

Mustard Season at Etude

Mustard Season

Discover mustard season in wine country. Every year just before spring, the ground between the vines comes alive with bright mustard blooms, usually peaking in mid-February. Here in Carneros, we are treated to a vibrant show of yellows and oranges right outside our door.

These flowers aren’t just for show however, continue reading to learn how the mustard helps protect and nourish the vines.

  • Mustard has naturally high levels of biofumigants that help keep away microscopic worms called nematodes that like to munch on the vine’s roots.
  • Biodiversity is crucial to a vineyard’s overall health and the mustard attracts pollinators and other critters that help make the vineyard a complete and healthy ecosystem.
  • On steep, sloped terrain the mustard helps prevent erosion and nutrient run-off. On flatter ground, it helps regulate moisture, especially when the soil can’t drain well on its own.
  • Nitrogen is a crucial nutrient for healthy soil and mustard is excellent at recycling it. 


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