2022 Harvest Reflection

2022 Harvest Reflection

Growing Season

The season started with below-average rainfall, extending California’s drought conditions for a third year. However, a few large rainfall events filled reservoirs in Napa and Sonoma, improving early growing conditions substantially from 2021. For the first time in several years, frost occurred at the beginning of the growing season, but vineyards were largely protected in coastal regions. Temperatures for the growing season through the start of harvest were moderate, ensuring good canopies and early ripening conditions across California.


The first half of the 2022 harvest started calm and early, with healthy vineyards offering fruit with bright acidity, fruit-forward flavors, and strong yields for whites and Pinot Noir. Then, California experienced a historic heat wave in early September that ramped up the pace of ripening, compelling a fast and furious harvest as winemakers worked to pick fruit at its best quality. Fortunately, strong vines and proactive irrigation helped many vineyards survive the heat. The second half was much more predictable with cooler temperatures through October, so that later-ripening red varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, could develop their full flavor and tannin profile.

“A mild spring with close-to-normal rainfall in Carneros and a cool summer brought the vines into balance. Cool maritime fog and wind in August matured the grapes slowly, retaining fresh acidity. We harvested cooler-climate varieties before the Labor Day warm spell and Cabernet Sauvignon after for peak richness. So far, the resulting wines exhibit elegance, and the reds are showing softer and more polished tannins. This will be a vintage to be remembered.” -Jon Priest, Senior Winemaker and General Manager

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