AVA Series

The AVA Series Pinot Noirs pay tribute to Etude’s continual study of this captivating varietal and its varying expressions in some of America’s most renowned Pinot-producing regions. The idea for this new collection took root with the goal to explore great Pinot Noir terroir and reflect that greatness in every bottle. This begins in the vineyard. Drawing on Etude’s founding philosophy that inspired grape growing diminishes the need for winemaking intervention, Winemaker Jon Priest carefully selected specific vineyards that adhere to the same exact farming standards of Etude’s Estate Vineyards at the Grace Benoist Ranch in order to achieve the same high level of quality wines.

Crafted with the same minimal winemaking techniques as Etude’s celebrated Carneros Pinot Noirs, each regional wine strives to leverage this transparent varietal and its wavering nuances, and reveal only the essence of the vineyard. Ultimately, this minimal intervention approach allows each Pinot Noir to purely reflect the unique character of its regional vineyard and still maintain Etude’s hallmarks of aromatic intrigue, vibrancy of expression and depth in ageability.