Two-for-One Tasting Experience

At Etude Wines

Enjoy a complimentary tasting for one guest by applying code: 2FOR1ETU at checkout with booking The Terroir Experience or Discover Etude.

Offer valid through June 30th, 2024

The Terroir Experience

Offered Monday through Sunday

“Terroir” is a French word used to discuss how a wine smells and tastes based on the specific location. In this 60-minute seated tasting experience, you will utilize all of your senses to delve deep into what makes one wine different than another based on geographic location, soil type, and many other factors. Our guests will sample an assortment of single-vineyard Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, all of which are winery-exclusive and relatively small in production. Your host will also explain how regionality and soil differences create different flavor profiles in each wine. This is a seated experience.


Offered Monday through Sunday

This experience allows our guests to indulge in a broad spectrum of what Etude offers. Our focus at Etude wines is mostly Pinot Noir, but we also produce several other varietals. The Discover Etude Experience introduces what Etude’s heart and soul are and gives the guest a variety of wines sure to please any palate.Tasting takes place at the bar, not a seated experience.