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Grilled Stone Fruit Salad

As a side or a main, this salad is so much more than the sum of its parts, uniting and elevating all the best of spring and summer in every remarkably satisfying bite. Equal parts refreshing and round, the citrus, tropical, and mineral notes of Etude Carneros Grace Benoist Ranch Pinot Gris offer a delightful mirror to this crisp-savory dish.

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Wild Mushroom Tacos al Pastor

Maitake is Japanese for “dancing mushroom,” and that’s just what you’re taste buds will do when they experience the magic this earthy, peppery wonder can bring to Meatless Monday or any day. Silky, supple, and savory, full of earth, fruit, and spice, Etude Carneros Grace Benoist Ranch Pinot Noir is this taco’s perfect dance partner.

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Grilled Wild King Salmon with Polenta

Rich, scratch-made polenta feels like the ultimate slow food, but it’s actually quick and simple. It’s the perfect base for an elegant, deeply satisfying meal that’s sure to impress. Pair this dish with Etude Carneros Grace Benoist Ranch Chardonnay’s creamy yet zesty and mouthwatering apple, honeydew, and stony freshness for a relaxing evening to remember.

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Heritage Chicken Milanese with Cherry Tomato Salad

Satisfy your craving for crunchy fried chicken with a serious upgrade that’s surprisingly easy to make. Shatteringly crisp with a touch of spice, escorted by fresh greens, tomatoes, and creamy, lightly sweet dressing, you’ll put this dish on repeat. The vibrant fruit and acidity of Etude Carneros Fiddlestix Vineyard Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir seals it all with a bright, contrasting kiss.

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